Bio-One of Asheville decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Spring Cleaning!

Time for spring cleaning! Don't let this scare you, this is a time to purge and freshen up your space!

Here are 20 things to throw away right now:

1. Shoes you don't wear
2. Old makeup or bathroom products
3. Expired coupons
4. Cords that you can't identify 
5. Tupperware lids that have no match
6. Old toothbrushes
7. Socks with no match
8. Dried out markers and pens
9. Unused mugs
10. Unused instruction manuals
11. Shopping bags you've convinced yourself you'll wrap a present in
12. Foods spoiling or collecting freezer burn
13. Old receipts
14. Paperwork you don't need anymore
15. Excess holiday decor
16. Wire hangers
17. Appliances you don't ever use
18. Travel toiletries stolen from hotels
19. Broken things you won't be fixing
20. Old magazines

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