Bio-One of Asheville decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Introducing Bio-One of Asheville, a New Business to Know in 2020

bio one of asheville gift baskets for apdHello 2020! The last year was exciting for our team and we are reflecting on our accomplishments since launching Bio-One of Asheville. We’ve sponsored TIP WNC’s volunteer holiday dinner and enjoyed giving back to officers at the Asheville Police Department with Thanksgiving gift baskets. We have enjoyed connecting with the Hendersonville Police Department and look forward to partnering in the New Year. We have met countless team members at apartment complexes across Asheville and Hendersonville, and our team has launched FacebookTwitter and Instagram profiles sharing our journey. We hope you follow us! 

Most importantly, we have helped western North Carolina community members in sensitive and overwhelming times of need. A man who suddenly lost his friend. A woman renewing her life after 40 years of hoarding. A woman who discovered she had a mental health condition and reached out for help. A mom needing to reset and decontaminate a second home. And more.

Since beginning our Bio-One journey in 2019, we received an abundance of support from our loved ones. We’ve also been asked the same question, “Why do you do this?” And the answer is simple. We want to help people across western North Carolina in an impactful and meaningful way. Watch the video below to hear directly from Matt and Krista Gregg and why they chose Bio-One. 

We look forward to a great 2020 and if you have questions about Bio-One or if you need assistance please contact us at or 828-407-0454. 

Introducing Bio-One of Asheville, a New Business to Know in 2020

Matt: Hi, I’m Matt.
Krista: And I’m Krista.
Matt: And we’re Bio-One based here in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s been an exciting few months for us as we’ve got this business started. We figured we’ve been open for a few months and it’s time to introduce ourselves to the community.
Krista: Yes. So first a little bit about us. Matt actually grew up in Arden and is a native of western North Carolina.
Matt: That’s right! I spent my entire formative years south of Asheville. I went to high school here and college at North Carolina. Go Tar Heels! After all that I decided I wanted a change and I moved to Colorado.
Krista: Yup, and that is where he met me! I am from Colorado, and I grew up in Littleton and went to school in Fort Collins. Matt and I met on a soccer league. We were on the same team, and we eventually ended up getting married. Long story short, we decided to move to Asheville to be closer to family, and we moved here five years ago. We were working desk jobs, and earlier this year Matt and I sat down and thought we could be doing more. We could get to know the community more and do more to give back and help people.
Matt: That’s right. So we bought a Bio-One franchise!
Krista: [laughing] Yes, we did. And this is a type of franchise and type of cleaning, really extreme cleaning, where we can give back and help people. Matt is going to talk about some of our specialities and our certifications.
Matt: That’s right. Like Krista said, we handle the extreme. Whether that’s a suicide in the family, homicideundiscovered death or bodily fluids. If you find yourself overwhelmed in a situation that’s when we get the call and that’s what we specialize in. We’re B.O.T. certified and that means we’re aware of and capable of handling all the hazards associated with these types of situations, and we make every effort to arrive with compassion and quickly to get the issue resolved. We’re there for you 24/7.
Krista: Absolutely. So ultimately, we are trained and ready to go! We have already helped several families in the community, and we are looking forward to a 2020 filled with helping even more people. So if you’d like to learn more or ask us questions about what we do you can email us at or you can give us a call at 828-407-0454. As Matt said we’re 24/7.
Matt: Happy New Year guys! We look forward to helping the community and becoming a bigger piece of western North Carolina.